Monday, September 2, 2013

Trust (part 3)

Most often the largest impediment to trust is a fear of failure:

Broken hearts, deadlines passed, failed relationships, missed opportunities… You could fill the bed of a Dodge Ram 3500 with all my mistakes. Thank God for people like The Real House Wives of Atlanta and Charlie Sheen to help us feel like we aren't so bad off. At least I don’t screw up as much as that guy…  Wait that guy is rich.
Really! Mistakes are just the excuses our teachers use to hand out grades. The kids with the most wrong answers fail. The kids with most right answers become professors… And professors get to determine all the wrong answers for the next generation of students. It’s a vicious cycle; like we are addicted to perfection. Our teachers tell us “this is right and that is wrong!” We have become a culture that worships experts. It’s like society is Bobby Brown and we are Whitney Houston. We just keep wasting our lives trying to make society happy.... ‘til we're so badly beaten we give up and OD. Yeah I said IT… What too soon?
Seriously: if Columbus, Galileo, and the Wright Brothers had shut up and listened to the experts our world would be the flat, center of the universe with no Red-Eye to Vegas. Where is the fun in that? What if Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela had been good little “niggers” and sat down & shut-up? What if Shakespeare, Picasso, and Anna Pavlova had been afraid to take a chance? Was it wrong for them to risk failure? Where would our world be if we didn't take chances?
Amazingly we beat ourselves up for making mistakes, when it is those very mistakes that help us learn. The scientific method is all about TRIAL AND ERROR. If we approach life as an experiment and not a recipe.... we just might take a bite out of something delicious. New ideas and experimentation prevent the doom of mediocrity.
NOW go forth and SCREW THINGS UP!!!

If you don't believe me listen to the guys in these videos. One is writer and the other a professor. They are Experts!

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